Sunday, June 21, 2009

My House's 15 Minutes of Fame

Two weeks ago I get a call out of the blue from Jodi, a reporter over at the Tribune-Review. She found my profile on Airbnb and told me she's doing a story about people renting out rooms in their house. Sort of a "how people are coping with the recent economic downturn" kind of article.

James Knox from the Trib came over and took this picture of me lookin' smirky, but damn, he made my house look good! All those "Flip this Flippin' House" shows I watch on HGTV and seeing all those staging tips finally paid off! By the way, the wooden tray on the bed was made by my favorite woodworker, Mr. Dad.

Jodi, who if she was 23 she was a day, tried to get all Woodward and Bernstein on me, asking about the six percent tax "that I'm entitled to pay them", which became more of a highlight in the story than I think it needed to be. And she didn't use my best quips, like "my sister has always called this house the bed and breakfast and now it actually is!"

But no matter, all press is good press, right? And I think the published piece turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. And this weekend I got my first reservation through Airbnb (the rest have been through craigslist) and another for next weekend. As my Mom would say, "Wheee!"

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  1. check the silverware - that reporter may have been too big for her britches! lol

    it was nice exposure. possibly pittsburghers (or those from the suburbs who think a jaunt to the Strip District for shopping is an exotic adventure. well, it sort of is ) may use the B&Bs for short "local vacations".
    a whole new culture may develop where a weekend shopping, seeing a play, or taking in a pro sports game all while relying on an urban B&B may develop.
    Julie, do you think you can advertise, and describe the "manor" (i love it!) as an 'urban retreat from the suburban heat' sort of thing?
    (oh, certainly you may hire me as caretaker of the 'manor'!)
    good for you! (and it IS a lovely house).

    -g from the Dysfunctional City.